The amount of water you drink makes a difference!

Are you the kind of person that pays attention to how much water you drink in one day? Perhaps after reading this post you might be more aware. One thing I have noticed lately is that your body simply works better when its properly hydrated. If the majority of your body is made of water, how is is supposed to function correctly without it?

There are also many people who don’t drink water but instead drink juice. All of these other drinks have all kinds of ingredients that then your kidneys need to filter. Clear water serves as a way to flush out all of the stuff your kidneys gathered up. All of this stuff leaves your body through your urine. Kidneys stones are one of the things that can be developed if you don’t flush out all that stuff as well. You can completely avoid that surgery by just drinking water. Have you ever noticed that its super easy to drink tons of alcohol but for some reason when it comes to water its so difficult? If you are this person, you need to change that.

Check out this video. It offers you 5 good benefits of drinking water.

Also feel free to share with us in the comments below how much water you like to drink per day and why.

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