Agrandar the pene is a commonly used phrase in another language

Here at SF we have been trying to learn a bit of Spanish and naturally like more people do we decided to learn all of the mean or bad or obscene words. So our first phrase that we learned was pastillas para agrandar el pene que si sirven which also happens to be a website. My tutor told me to tell this to people at the store. Of course I know he is trying to mess with me. I know that the word pene means penis in spanish. Also I know the word agrandar means to make bigger. The words grande is awfully similar to it. So putting 2 and 2 together, hes trying to get me to ask someone for pills also known as pastillas that will make my penis bigger. While this prank did not work on me, there was another person here who did fall for it. I wont say who because its super embarrassing. But while we are at it, why not brush up on your salud and learn about the pene masculino. Just in case you didn’t know the word salud is health in spanish. I don’t think there is one human being on this planet that should not know the basics of health. You need to know this to live a long life.

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